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Mountain Bike Tour in Nepal

Trip Information:

Nepal is one of the best destinations for mountain bikers. You can explore the historic monuments, ancient villages or hill resorts with your mountain bike. You can also ride on goat tracks and off roads in the hills. We organize an all inclusive mountain biking program that includes American/European brand mountain bikes, helmet, local guide/expert mechanic, all lodging/camping and meals, vehicle support, spare bike to accompany trip and airport transfers. If you bring your own bike, there will be consideration on quotation of the tour .For more information please contact us:

Blue Bird Travels & Tours P. Ltd (NEPAL) - SERVE YOU SINCE 1993 !!!
Inbound & Outbound -Travel & Tour operator for NEPAL / INDIA / CHINA / TIBET / BHUTAN / THAILAND / DUBAI / MALAYSIA / SINGAPORE & EGYPT.

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    1 Day -13 Days
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  • Detailed itinerary:

    Option 1 : 1 Night / 2 Days 

    Day 1: Kathmandu-Nagarkot
    After an early morning breakfast in Kathmandu, we ride due east to the medieval town of Bhaktapur. Bhaktapur is an ancient city, full of Newari culture. There are many temples and squares here that we will have time to explore. From here we head northeast to Nagarkot on an excellent and quiet tarmac road. We gradually climb 20km to Nagarkot, on the valley rim, passing steeply terraced farmland and houses that seem to be clinging to the hillside. When we reach the summit we will be able to see the Himalayan mountain range and on a good day, mount Everest too. We stay in a guesthouse on the ridge. 
    Distance: 38km 
    Altitude: 2000m 

    Day 2: Nagarkot-Kathmandu
    (34 - 40km with 650 m. descent) 
    The day starts with an exciting descent on Jeep tracks. We pass through many rustic villages, Himalayas in the right on clear day! We reach the beautiful ancient village of Shanku. From here we are on tarmac road towards Boudhanath Stupa, here we will have lunch and then ride back to Kathmandu or ride towards (Budhanilkantha) Sleeping Vishnu temple and then to Thamel. 
    Distance: Approx 40kms 
    Maximum Altitude: 1340mts 


    Option 2 : 5 Nights / 6 Days

    Day 1: Kathmandu

    Arrive in Kathmandu and transfer to your hotel, there will be a tour briefing before dinner. O/N guesthouse Sh 

    Day 2: Kathmandu-Nuwakot 
    After leaving the chaos of the city we head towards Narayanthan, where you can stop to see the magnificent sleeping Vishnu temple. We then carry on biking on the outskirts of the Shivapuri National Park. The Langtang Range can be clearly visible depending on the time of the year and clear weather of course. We check our brakes and gear up for a 950 mts descent all the way to Likhu Khola. After some refreshments we head towards our day I destination Nuwakot. (900mts) 
    Nuwakot: Nuwakot is a quaint mountain district with breathtaking views of the Trishuli and Tadi valleys situated 76 kms North West of Kathmandu. Nuwakot sits 2970 feet above sea level and is home to a diverse array of ethnic groups; the largest of which are the Newars, followed by the Tamangs. The area is historically known for the palace created by Nepal's unifier, Prithvi Narayan Shah, who chooses the area for its strategic hill – tops views of Tadi and Trishuli rivers. These rivers are considered the gatekeepers to the main trade into Tibet via Kerung. Some of the other places of interests are the Taleju temple, Saat Tale Durbar (seven storied ancient palace) and the Nuwakot durbar square. 
    Total Distance: 45Km 
    Altitude: 900 mts 

    Day 3: Trisuli-Dhading Besi 
    We gradually climb 3 Kilometers from the starting Point to Raisingh, all the roads are Turmac. From the starting point to Samari most of the ride is a gradual climb. As we ride we can see the local villagers engaged in farming Potatoes, Cauliflower, Carrot, and Cabbage. Etc. The farmings are spread out on open farms unlike terrace farming. From Samari to Taskar the ride is mostly on rocky track then Taskar to Ratomate is mostly dusty Jeep track. Waling Danda to Dhanding Besi is more or less like a cross country trail and easy to ride. (7 Km) Dhading Besi is like a small city, where the people from the neighboring villages come to buy the basic necessities. The people that make up these villages are of mixed cultures and casts. 
    Total Distance: 45Km 
    Altitude: 550 mts 

    Day 4: Dhading Besi-Gorkha 
    From Dhanding Besi to Murali Bhanjyang, it is all tarmac roads. There are few local shops but nothing fancy. From Muralibhanjyang we begin riding on a jeep track. From Tallo Rampur we can see the Nepal Second largest Tar. Mathillo Rampur to Tallo Rampur is mostly all dusty, downhill. We carry on riding passing Bunkghat; you can also see local villagers engaged in farming different crops and vegetables. 
    GORKHA: The birth place of Prithivi Narayan Shah, conqueror of the Kathmandu Valley and founder of modern Nepal. The main attraction here is the Gorkha Durbar (palace) the former palace of the Shahs, which lords over Gorkha from a precarious ridge over the town. 
    Distance: 54.5 Km 
    Altitude: 1110 mts 

    Day 5: Gorkha-Sunder Bazar
    Today is more like a cross country and easy ride. From Chhepetar we can see lots of Banana trees. It is just a small village. There are newly built houses and few old houses on the sides. Okharelisankhu to Garam besi this is like different parts because Okharelisankhu is in Dhading District and Garam Besi is in Lamjung district. It partition from one small flexible bridge (Jholunge Pool). Most of people in depend in farming. 
    Distance: 54.3 Km 
    Altitude: 675 mts 

    Day 6: Sunder Bazar-Pokhara 
    Sunder Bazaar: From sunder bazaar we can see Machhapuchhre Himal nicely. Lots of mixed cast people live around here.Begnas Tal (lake) also happens to be the second biggest lake in the country and compared to the other lakes this one is more calm and peaceful. 
    POKHARA: Pokhara is the starting or finishing point for some of the Nepal’s most popular treks such as the Annapurna Circuit, The Jomsom Trek and the Annapurna Sanctuary Trek. Its fame rests on the natural beauty of its lakeside location and its nearness to the mountains, not on a great historical or cultural endowment. 

    Picturesque villages, gently rolling chains of hills with terraced fields of rice, subtropical forests and the unique outline of the Himalayas – whose gigantic mountains are only fifty kilometers away and seem so close that you could touch them 
    Total Distance: 74.4 
    Altitude: 830 mts 


    Option 3 : 12 Nights / 13 Days

    DAY 01: Kathmandu

    Arriving in Kathmandu & transfer to the Guest House, a tourist district offering numerous bars, shops and restaurants and an instant taste of Nepali life. In the afternoon we will sort out our bikes and over dinner there will be a tour briefing. Overnight stay at hotel. 
    Altitude: 1340m 

    Day 02: Kathmandu-Kakani 
    After Breakfast, we ride out of Kathmandu from our hotel. Leaving the city behind we arrive at the Nagarjun Forest (the Queen’s Forest) where we head off-road, starting with good wide undulating track before a long 10km climb up through the jungle. Your efforts are rewarded by spectacular views over the valley and a superb fine trail descent down the backside of the mountain. At the bottom we transfer or for the seriously fit ride the last 22km on the back road up to Kakani. Guesthouse, set in a reserve at 2000m, enjoys stunning views of Ganesh and Langtang Himal and the valley of Likhu Khola (River) 1000m below. Overnight stay at hotel.
    Altitude: 2000m 
    Bike off Rd.: 30km 
    Bike paved road: 25 km 
    Total distance: 55km 

    Day 03: Kathmandu
    Head off on one of the best trails in the valley (which was used as the Mountain Bike Championship course) down towards Budhanilkantha (Sleeping Vishnu) on wide undulating jeep track and some single track and pass through the Shivapuri forest to the Buddhanilkantha, a remarkable 5th century statue of the Lord Vishnu, reclining on the coil of the snake king in the middle of small pond. Your efforts are rewarded by spectacular panoramic mountain views of Ganesh and Langtang Himal on the way and moreover by a night at a true resort established in a rural setting with culturally rich and naturally pristine environment whose garden harbors nearly 75 species of birds and 2000 flowering trees and shrubs. 35 km. Overnight stay at hotel.
    Altitude: 1600m 
    Bike off Rd.: 25km 
    Bike paved road: 8km 
    Total distance: 30km 

    DAY 04: Kathmandu-Chisopani
    We start with a steep upward ride (approx 7 km) on paved and off road through the Shivapuri Reserve. Part of the route is on the Helambu trekking trail. Our final destination is Chisopani (which means cold water in Nepali), which rounds off a challenging day. Again today’s lodge enjoys outstanding and closest views of the panoramic mountain ranges- this is one of the best outlooks within the valley region. 40 km. Overnight stay at hotel.
    Altitude: 1950m 
    Bike off Rd.: 40km 
    Bike paved road: 3km 
    Total distance: 37km 

    DAY 05: Chisopani-Nagarkot
    From Chisopani, we take the same route into the north-east corner of the Kathmandu Valley, then it is on to a mix of single and jeep track to wind our way to Nagarkot. Our route will depend on the condition of the trails. A short steep climb into Nagarkot will reward you with a comfortable and peaceful surrounding of hotel on the valley rim. Enjoy the spectacular view of the Himalayas and sunset from the hotel. This is where a part of the biking movie ‘Retreat’ was filmed. 25km or 35km. Overnight stay at hotel.
    Altitude: 2000m 
    Bike off Rd.: 30km 
    Bike paved road: 5km 
    Total distance: 35km 

    DAY 06: Nagarkot-Bhaktapur
    Early morning farm activity awake us and we can enjoy the sunrise views from the terrace. Today we explore the trails around Nagarkot or you can take a rest day. There are numerous off-road routes possible today either road, or wide dirt and single track. We have a choice of day rides ending at the medieval town of Bhaktapur for lunch then time to look around before we transfer back up the hill to Nagarkot, or ride up the road if you wish. Bhaktapur is an old restored city full of temples and courtyards. Also it’s possible to visit Changu Narayan, a must for those interested in culture – the ancient temple complex here, which includes the oldest Hindu temple in the valley where in the sixth & seventh centuries, Newari stone masons made cravings of Lord Vishnu. The stone tablet standing on the west side of the temple is said to be the earliest known inscription in Kathmandu Valley. It depicts King Mandev’s military conquests in the fifth century. It’s on the way and enjoys commanding views over the valley and its fine statues are the best outside the National Museum. Overnight stay at hotel.
    Altitude: 2010m 
    Bike off Rd.: 430km
    Bike paved road: 7 km 
    Total distance: 50km 

    DAY 07: Bhaktapur-Dhulikhel
    The ‘Retread’ Trails descent through terraced paddy fields and small villages that lead us to the Indrawati River. We will stop to take photos as the Himalayas are right behind us all the way down and also makes offerings at the local temples to help ensure that we remember those technical skills when we need them. After 1000m of downhill a jeep road leads us to the Friendship Highway, the main road to Tibet. We have lunch in a spot by the river before the long climb back up to the valley rim. For most this is best done in the support vehicle. Ride 65km. Overnight stay at hotel.
    Altitude: 1650m 
    Bike off Rd.: 40km 
    Bike paved road: 15 km 
    Total distance: 55km 

    DAY 08: Dhulikhel-Godawari 
    Start on paved road down to the ancient city of Panauti. This city is truly lost in time and is rarely visited by tourists. The Indresara Mahadev Temple is the oldest surviving dated temple in Nepal, believed to be built in 1294 AD. Climbing west, we follow a jeep track along the meandering Roshi River. Beyond the town of Madhuban we enter a narrow pristine valley, ascending 300m on a superb dirt trail to reach the summit of a hill on Kathmandu valley, known as Lakhure Bhanjyang. What a grunt, but the views of the Himalayas more than compensate! We stop here for the lunch or cold drinks and take a fast DH on wide jeep track down to Lubhu. Leaving Lubhu behind we head toward West on a jeep track passing paddy fields along the foot hill of the highest hill Phulchowki in the valley on our way to Vajra Varahi home of the boar incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Ancient woodland surrounds the temple, protected by the local belief that to cut even one tree would greatly anger the deity. We shall stop in this forest for lunch on a small clearing ideal for a rest and to enjoy the tranquil sanctuary of the ancient forest. The villagers still appease the wrathful Vishnu by weekly sacrifices of chicken, goat, and buffaloes. We over night at the Godawari. 
    Altitude: 1500m 
    Bike off Rd.: 40km 
    Bike paved road: 8 km 
    Total distance: 48km 

    DAY 09: Godawari-Dakshin kali 
    After breakfast ride to Bungamati, a 16th century traditional Newari village south of Kathmandu. After unloading the bikes, we begin our ride around the town and stop to take in the fantastic views of the Kathmandu valley. After lunch we continue our ride alongside the Chobar Gorge until we hit the paved road that leads all the way to Dakshin Kali. The temple here is beautifully situated and is one of the most famous temples in the Kathmandu Valley. Dedicated to Kali, the goddess of power, ritual sacrifices are regularly made here. We will visit the temple (though Hindus only are permitted inside) this evening or the next morning hotel. Overnight stay at hotel. Note: The road is narrow and busy specially Sat. and Tuesday. 
    Altitude: 1400m 
    Bike off Rd.: 25km 
    Bike paved road: 15 km 
    Total distance: 40km 

    Day 10: DakshinKali-Daman
    We spend the morning sampling some exciting trails that lead up and across the valley rim to the south and on to the Kulekhani Dam Site (completed in 1982 Nepal's first major hydroelectric project). In between the trails we ride through pine forests and couple of small villages (Hudu, Hunanae Bhanjyang, Fakhel, and Kalanki) before reaching Markhu. A picturesque lake provides the perfect background for a lunch stop. We then carry on riding towards Daman riding on the Tribhuvan highway through, (Taukhel, Bajra Barahai,Thana bazaar). Anyone fancying an introduction to Himalayan hill climbing (14km's) can spin all the way up. The hotel enjoys a spectacular mountainside location, arguably offering the most spectacular outlook on the Himalaya in all Nepal. On a clear day one can see all the way from Everest in the east to Dhaulagiri in the west. Daman also happens to be the highest point in the valley's. Overnight stay at hotel.
    Altitude: 2325m 
    Bike off Rd.: 50km 
    Bike paved road: 15km 
    Total distance: 65km 

    DAY 11: Daman-Kathmandu
    Today's ride is mostly fast downhill on broken, steep, lots of sharp turns and narrow road to Naubise. From here transport back to Kathmandu. We stop at Swoyambhunath Stupa for lunch and a look around on the way into the city. From here we ride back to the guest house through the bustling streets of Kathmandu. Overnight stay at hotel.
    Altitude: 1440m 
    Bike off Rd.: 0km 
    Bike paved road: 65 km 
    Total distance: 65km 

    DAY 12: Kathmandu
    Leisure day in Kathmandu for shopping or start an optional programme. Overnight stay at hotel.
    Altitude: 1340m 

    DAY 13: Kathmandu-Departure
    Leasure Until Departure. For unward Destination. 

    For more information please contact us:

    Blue Bird Travels & Tours P. Ltd (NEPAL) - SERVE YOU SINCE 1993 !!!
    Inbound & Outbound -Travel & Tour operator for NEPAL / INDIA / CHINA / TIBET / BHUTAN / THAILAND / DUBAI / MALAYSIA / SINGAPORE & EGYPT.

 Tour cost Includes:

  • Airport pick up and transfer to hotel.
  • accommodation in Kathmandu on BB basis ( 3 star category hotel) on twin sharing as mentioned in itinerary.
  • An experienced, helpful and friendly Government license holder cycling tour guide. 
  • Kathmandu valley guided sightseeing tour as mentioned in itinerary.
  • Kathmandu valley tour with cyle / private car as mentioned in itinerary. 
  • Kathmandu Chisapani Nagarkot mountain biking tour as mentioned in itinerary.
  • Kathmandu -Phulchowki biking tour as mentioned in itinerary.
  • Dhulikhel Namobudhha Dakchhinkali mountain biking tour as mentioned in itinerary.
  • Kulekhani Daman Naubise mountain biking tour as mentioned in itinerary.
  • All program as mentioned in itinerary.
  • Overland transportation.
  • Insurance for Nepalese staff. ( guide )
  • Guide and porter fares and taxes.Government Tax and office service charge.
  • Airport drop.

 Tour cost Excludes:

  • Lunch & Dinner during Kathmandu stay.
  • International flight ticket.
  • Nepal entry visa fee (duration 60 days from date of issue)- you may easily issue the visa upon your arrival at Tribhuwan International Airport - Kathmandu.
  • Disembarkation Airport Tax in Nepal - all equipments.
  • High risk medical insurance.
  • Entrance fees while sightseeing tour in Kathmandu valley.
  • Alcoholic beverage and telephone calls.
  • Hot drinks, Soft drinks such as cola, mineral water.
  • Nepal Visa Fee.
  • Emergency rescue evacuation if needed.
  • Purely personal nature expenses.
  • Tipping /Tips(Tipping is Expected).

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